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The most accurate way to determine a piano’s age is by its serial number. Click on following Help Site. The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester was comprised of a series of separate and individual factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments was carried on in an entirely individual and distinct manner, and by separate organizations, each under direction of men who had been associated with each respective make for many years, thus preserving, unimpaired, the individual and distinctive qualities of each piano. Combined they made a great and powerful contribution to the art of music, for each of the great instruments they produced will continue providing magnificent music for generations to come. Tremaine was a business genius who brought about the commercial exploitation of the piano player on a big scale. Tremaine’s father had built a successful small business making and cranked table-top-sized mechanical organs, a very popular item in homes in the late ‘s.

Fazer Piano Serial Numbers

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For Kawai grand pianos, the serial number is found on the iron plate under the music desk on the right side of the piano (near the tuning pins).

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Serial numbers are placed in different locations on your piano depending on the manufacturer. Be aware that some pianos also display case or part numbers.

Page updated July One of the first things people want to know when they contact us about an old piano is how old it is. If they are lucky, the previous owners may have some idea, but by the time they have worked out just when it was that Great Aunt Mabel buried her second husband, the odd ten or twenty years can easily get lost. Another thing that often happens is a piano that was originally bought for a child is assumed to have been brand new, but it may turn out to have been reconditioned, and older.

We are rarely able to tell the age of a piano just from a name, and even if a date is available for the serial number, it is often unreliable, as explained on my Numbers page at. If you can send photos to show what your WHOLE piano looks like on the outside, unobscured by dogs, stools, vases, etc. Although it is quite unusual to find dates of manufacture marked on pieces of antique furniture, pianos often do have this information hidden inside, and this is a situation where you may be able to tell us something useful, because you have the clues there in front of you.

It would be nice to see the original receipts and warranties, because we learn a great deal from our collection of these, but many have been lost.

Steinway Serial Numbers

The most accurate way to determine the specific age of your instrument is by cross-referencing the brand name with the serial number. There are a handful of historical publications that can be used to cross-reference brand names with serial numbers in order to determine specific dates of manufacture. While most major manufactures are listed in these archives, some smaller and lesser-known firms may not be listed. Sadly, the history of many obscure firms has been lost over time.

Our experts are generally able to estimate the age of an instrument within a 5 — 10 year period based solely on design and construction. In most pianos, the brand name and serial number can be found inside the instrument near the soundboard or strings.

Queen Victoria owned an Erard piano dating from the s and used it as a child and young adult. The piano on loan to Kensington Palace is.

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Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers (how old / what age is your Yamaha piano)

If you still would like for us to look it up we would ask a nominal fee to be paid through PayPal. Pianos also have other numbers printed on them such as part numbers and many other pianos do not have a serial number at all. Many pianos will have a 4, 5 or 6 digit serial number to identify the age of the piano. Using this number, along with the manufacturer, the age of the piano can sometimes be determined.

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For example, in our Packard upright, after opening the lid and looking from the top down on the front panel, there appears a hand-carved 4-digit number xxxx. The same number appears much lower on a board further back. Also, on the left side at the top, a brass connector reads “PAT. NOV Underneath the piano bench is a hand-carved number which matches the style of the board numbers inside xxxx. Keys and actions are usually made by separate firms, and have their own numbers which can sometimes be a guide to the date of a piano.

Very few serial numbers consist of an actual year. Instead they are a grouping of numbers that give a general indication of the date of the piano’s manufacture. For example, during the period between and , the Fazer Company assigned each of its pianos a serial number in the range between and Packard Pianos. Search this site.

“Acoustic Piano Serial Numbers & Date of Manufacture”

Finding the age of your Kawai or Yamaha piano is a fairly easy process! This can be found by lifting the lid on the top of upright pianos and is usually at the top of the frame. On grand pianos it is usually at the front of the metal frame behind where the keys are located. This guide can be used to date your Kawai or Yamaha piano manufactured between and For example, for a Yamaha upright serial number was made sometime between and For a Kawai piano serial number , the table shows us that it was produced sometime between May and November

The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers.

One of the primary ways you can begin to investigate the value of your piano is by locating the serial number. However, locating it can be tricky. We provide our customers with the following real-life diagrams to quickly help them find the serial number on their grand or upright piano. Grand serial numbers like on the Steinway pictured above may be found in many different places.

The various places on the diagram point to some possible locations. Typically, a serial number has 5 to 7 digits, but in some cases, it may have fewer or more and may also include a letter.

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